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Support Kevin & Corwin's Mission!

Your donations will allow The Mystic Minstrel Team to share the music and report on sustainable communities across the country (see our travel blog)

Purchasing and outfitting Glinda, The Good RV Of The North; and producing the live concert DVD and CD cost more and took longer than we imagined. We know though, that everything happens for a reason.

Now that we are parked in southern California we learn that our beloved Grandpa needed us just now. As always, perfect timing. This market is so large, we can visit many Unity and CSL centers, while being present for my awesome and vital Papa, who turns 90 in May.

While we are here, we are setting up websites, producing promotional material and buying more CDs and DVDs. Your loving contribution would allow us to focus on our online presence, making sure Grandpa is settled, and sharing the music around the Southland before we embark on the music tour (we will NOT be here for the summer!)


Kevin's music moves and uplifts people everywhere we go.

Kevin and Corwin's experience and knowledge of community inspires the friends we are making along the way. Please consider the terrific Karma of supporting the Mystic Minstrel Tour (and Corwin's hands-on education).

(Investment opportunities with larger sums are available as well. Email us at for references and testimonials from other happy investors).

Kevin and Corwin are members of Songaia, an Intentional Community in Bothell, WA.


Kevin's work as an auctioneer in Washington D.C., Oakland California, Boulder Colorado and Seattle Washington raised many tens of thousands of dollars for the intentional community movement and this website. Please click here to learn more.


Thank You. Many blessings and much gratitude.

(This is new to us, so if you do donate, please send us an Email and tell us what, where and how much you purchased  so that we can watch over Paypal, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes and other corporate entities. We love to hear from you). We are working on more democratic and decentralized ways to share and support the music and DVD.)

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